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Getting Bored? Check Out Some New Sport

At times it happens that there is no interesting sport that one likes is going on. In such situations the free time which someone wishes to spend having some fun gets wasted doing nothing. For such people there is an advice that they should do something that many people think is useless. They should look for a new sport to watch and follow. There are hundreds of different sports from around the world which one could follow anytime from anywhere. In many cases the foreign sports come out to be more interesting than the local sports so looking for something new is not always a bad idea if you are looking at the right place.

So the question is where to look for a new sport. Well the best place to look for some new sport is online through the internet. Internet is like an encyclopedia where all sorts of information are available for everyone at any time. So once you start looking for sports you might get confused because a single search result might return hundreds or thousands of result. So look for a website that is dedicated to sports news, such websites will have a lot of sports news and updates for you.

If somehow you also have interest in sports betting then there are a few websites that will provide with you with a lot of betting options on different sports. You could go to Marathonbet which is a great website for live betting if you originate from the UK. The website is a really great option for people who wish to bet on a wide variety of sports that are locally being held all over the United Kingdom. All these bet are a few clicks away from you at any time of the day.

If you are looking for bets on sports being held in other countries then once again for live betting you should go to Marathonbetting international webpage and look for bets on different sports from different countries. These sports could be really interesting in some cases. For example the Football League which is being held in Argentina is really interesting although it lacks a bit of glamour but as sports it has all major qualities that a great sporting event must have. Plus there are many great players, who have played for European clubs playing in this league, so watching them perform is a great treat.

A Disrespectful Call from Nick Young Was the Highlight of Last NFL Match

Lakers from Los Angeles are not ready to talk about L.A Clipper’s next move that has been guided by coach Doc Rivers. However, it is being guessed that they will try to cover upon the championship banners of the Lakers’ and will try to uniform with home-game players of Clippers’. However, the later plan may not work following Nick’s disrespectful move during the last NHL match. According to SportBet News, this disrespectful call from Nick Young was the highlight of the last NFL match.

However, latest NBA betting online picks say that this is a reaction of Clippers decision to plaster some giant posters of the players, including Nick Young, without taking their permission. The team redecorated the posters of these players to advertise the preseason game that was held last week. Other players whose posters were also developed for the purpose was- J.J Redick, Blake Griffin, Matt Bames, Jamal Crawford, and Chris Paul.

When Nick was asked what he is feeling about such disrespectful attitude he mentioned that nobody has the right to do so. After returning from China, the team first practiced last Sunday and the same day they decided to take steps against such actions. Players have already planned to discuss with DOC and if that does not work they will not bother to move ahead.

Both the team has shared the Staples Center for team poster decoration since the platform was initiated in the year 2000 but it is the first time that Clippers is facing a problem regarding decoration. Moreover, as Nick was playing for the Lakers earlier it seemed a sensitive issue to him and he reacted during the match.

Others are of the opinion that the team was also not ready to perform in such an interesting match because they didn’t get the chance to practice after returning from the cross-continental tour.

A few of the Lakers players attended the pre-match practice session and those who reported looked completely jet-lagged. Only, Chris Kaman was ready to practice for the whole day.

Lakers team coach however tried a lot to cut short the practice session so that players don’t feel more fatigued and can’t perform at all. When the coach was asked when Bryant, Lakers one of the top graded players would be able to join practice session completely, he replied that he has not been informed yet on this issue. However, Bryant must start preparing right now to oppose Nick Young, who has already taken fifteen shots in the last NHL season, perfectly.

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Gambling Addiction Treatment, The Gateway To Family?s Resurgence

What starts as playing only during discrete periods of time as pastime, develops over time as gambling addiction characterized by excessive gambling behavior on a continuing basis and to include persistent thoughts even during times when the person is physically not engaged in gambling, warranting urgent gambling addiction treatment for retrieval from the scourge.

Gambling addiction which is compulsive or pathological, is a type of mental health problem where the individual indulges in various of gambling activities such as betting on sports, buying lottery tickets, playing poker, slot machines, or roulette and playing cards and binge gambling.

Typical causes contributing to development of gambling addiction are found to be increased chemical activity induced by medications taken for Parkinson?s disease or restless leg syndromes. Other possible causes are genetic vulnerabilities, social stresses, thinking processes, mood problems, Schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorders, alcohol or cocaine addiction.

Fall-outs of gambling addiction contain problems like debts, poverty, bankruptcy, litigation, suicides, prostitution, domestic violence, child abuse, and depression. Statistics has it that nearly $5 billions are spent by gambling addicts in the US per annum. This forces need for a fast-track for reducing, if not totally eradicating this gambling addiction.

Owing to its multiple facets, gambling addiction treatment involves a comprehensive approach, making a jumpstart for self-realization, diagnosis, counselling, peer support, medication and guidance from some social agencies. An estimate reveals that nearly 1/3 of the affected recover by mere self ?interventions, the others being through other treatments.

In diagnosis which is the first step in treatment process, complete tests and evaluation of mental and physical health, assessment of the behaviors through counselors or physiotherapists are to be done. Individual?s realization is to be achieved.

Helpful medications for decreasing the urge to gamble are anti-seizure medications - carbamazepine (Tegretol) and topiramate (topamax), mood stabilizers - lithium ( Eskalith, Lithobid), naltrexone (Revia), antidepressants - clomipramine (Anafranil) and fluvoxamine (Luvox).

Psychotherapy is found more effective than any of the medications used to treat this disorder so far. Financial and debt counselling and self-help interventions are also effective. Avoiding stress, hobbies, cash restriction and mind diversion are some practical tips useful aong with this treatment.

As a supplement, a number of Social support organizations like Gambling Anonymous, Compulsive gambling center, Problem gambling, in Los Angeles, New York, Massachusetts, and Baltimore, MD offer support and counselling as part of this gambling addiction treatment, the ultimate purpose being to rid families of this social menace.

George sticking with Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have been handed a major boost ahead of the upcoming season with the news that Paul George has agreed a new multi-year contract extension.

The shooting guard was drafted to the Pacers as a first round pick in 2010, quickly becoming a key player on their roster and was included in the Eastern Conference’s team for the 2013 All-Star game.

Team policy means that none of the details of the deal have been made public but it?s believed that George has signed on for another five years and the 23-year-old said the decision to stay in Indiana was an easy one to make. Shortly after the deal was announced, the team’s odds for their upcoming games were massively shortened on the sportsbooks listed on

“I want to thank the Pacers for believing in me when they drafted me.” he said at the official announcement on Wednesday. “To continue my career with the Pacers was a very easy decision.”

“We have great ownership, a great front office, great fans and I’m blessed with great coaches and great team-mates. I use great a lot because that is what this franchise is and I’m hopeful we can be part of great things in the future.”
The news comes as a huge boost to the Pacers ahead of the upcoming season in which they will once again be looking for him to guide them to the play-offs.

The 2013 NBA Most Improved Player averaged 17.4 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists last year in what was by far his best campaign to date, as the Pacers were eventually eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat.

George is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the game and after sorting out his future, he will now be looking to help justify the early hype surrounding the Pacers by posting some big numbers when the season finally gets underway next month.